Performing Difference


I decided to write a script to reflect how my views on difference has changed through the readings and our discussions in class. This course has helped me view difference in a more positive way. It has started to give me a more positive outlook on what my own differences are and how they are and should not be perceived as negatively as I used to (still do to some extent).

This assignment has made me rethink my identity map. I feel like there was one  thing I purposefully did not include: my eternal battle with depression. I am very very ashamed of it as it feel like a personal failure to not be able to control it and feel it coming back every time i think it is gone forever. I am different from others in that I suffer from severe depression, but this is not something shameful, or at least it should not be. Yes, it makes me stand out sometimes when it is obvious I am not involved or devoted to things I usually do right and even enjoy doing, but it also makes me aware of other people’s struggles.  Maybe, when I can learn to live with depression and accept the fact that it will always be there, I can use it to help others.

Many times I tried to explain what this feels like, but I am not too good with words. I found this video to be good. If you have time, watch it.

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